Stephan Sagmeister has been an influence on my career ever since I purchased my first 99u book in 2013, “Manage your day-today” where I learned about his documentary called “The Happy Film”. As soon as I saw Museum of Vancouver Instagram post about The Happy Show exhibit I made plans to go check it out.

The interaction involved in majority of his pieces really made the experience personal. He had the audience think about situations they had been through and ones they might go through while also participating that very moment, which made them embrace the past, future and present – I absolutely loved that! It definitely had me thinking of my own situations but from a new perspective.

IMG_6275 copy

Stacked up sugar cubes set up to read “STEP UP TO IT,” aligned with a projector shining white lines onto it. I stepped up to a frame that I barely reached (being vertically challenged) and smiled like the directions said to do. The camera on the other side of the frame caught my smile which changed the shining white lines into a dancing multicoloured light show. It caught me by surprise then made me realize that ones smile can make a difference.

The intent of the show is not to make people happy, but it did. And if I could go see it again I would and I would bring more friends with me.